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How I Fell In Love

Everyone probably has a story of when they first fell in love
with dachshunds.

This is my story. I fell in love at precisely 5:15 p.m. on
Wednesday, November 15, 1995. It was a beautiful day in
New York and as I turned the corner onto Fifth and 82nd, I
saw 2 adorable, chubby, black and tan minis that had stopped
traffic as they vainly struggled to climb a 5” curb onto the
sidewalk. I felt like my heart would absolutely burst watching
the wonderful, hilarious, valiant, absurd vision unfold before

It took me 6 years and a faked fishing trip by my husband
before a dachshund finally came into my life. My husband
told me he was going fishing, but after a 6 hour round trip
to Sarasota, FL, he surprised me with a 6 month old German
standard red we named George. Next to my daughter, I have
never seen anything so unbelievably cute in my whole life.

Dachshund owners know as much as their dogs love to be
outside, their short fur doesn’t do a great job of keeping them
warm. dachsologie is my dream to clothe every dachshund in
the world with high quality, stylish, warm outerwear proudly
made in the U.S.A. It’s a tall (or short) order!

Give us a try. Your dachshund will thank you…and then
promptly dig up your flowerbeds, bark at the neighbor, or try
to eat your shoes.

dachsologie coats are proudly made in the U.S.A.
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